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It says I have three messages from here but I have know idea on how to check for them

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Hi aimeea23,

You should be seeing links in the email notifications. Just click on those links. They will lead you to the messages addressed to you.

There are cases when you may not see a message. This happens when the message was deleted as spam. We often remove spammers (or scammers) from Aidpage and all their messages disappear.

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aimeea23   in reply to seleah23
i guess im dumb because i cant see it ugh
i saw this ad so i thought i would get on here and see if i could get help i have never had to ask for help but now i do.....
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seleah23   in reply to aimeea23
At the top of the page go into resets it on the right hand side with three little boxes go into rest
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aimeea23   in reply to seleah23
i have but this is the only message from you i can see
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Go to your home page
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